Why Socialism Is Good

Why should we be concerned with the health and well-being of total strangers? Why should we care about whether people in other states or countries can afford to eat, see a doctor, or educate their children? These are not questions that concern socialists. We believe that every human has value, regardless of what they contribute to our economy or how many resources they might drain from it. When we talk about caring for those who cannot care for themselves, when we acknowledge that everyone deserves access to the things they need to live healthy lives, and when we prioritize the needs of our communities over individual wants, then we begin to live in a way that values all people equally.

socialism is about taking care of each other

Socialism is about taking care of each other. It’s about sharing, helping each other out, caring for one another and being kind to one another.

every human is valuable

You are valuable, and so is everyone else. Not just those who are rich or famous, or powerful, but everyone. No one has a right to make someone else’s life harder than it needs to be because of their race, gender or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves the same opportunities in life as anyone else and no one should have to worry about whether they will be able to eat at night or not.

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There’s an idea called “the American Dream” which says that if you work hard enough you can live a good life in this country – but this isn’t true for millions of people across the world today because the system is rigged against them! The system makes it very hard for people who don’t have money to get ahead because they have no means of earning money outside of their jobs (if they even have jobs). This means less opportunities for everyone – not just those on lower incomes – because there isn’t enough wealth being created through investment into new businesses or public services like healthcare which could improve everyone’s lives

individual needs are secondary to what’s best for the community

The premise of socialism is that the needs of the individual are secondary to what’s best for the community. It’s a philosophy that places emphasis on looking after each other and caring for the common good, rather than focusing on your own needs and wants. In this way, it can be argued that socialism puts all people on equal footing, as everyone benefits from living in a society that looks out for one another’s interests.

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In addition to looking after each other and working together towards common goals, socialists also believe in sharing resources fairly. This means you won’t have to worry about paying higher prices just because you’re poorer or lower down on the social ladder—everyone has access to food and housing at fair rates.

We want societies that value everyone.

Socialism is not just about taking care of each other. It’s also about valuing everyone, including the community and future generations. Socialism aims to create societies that value everyone, including yourself. The values underlying socialism are not only focused on now—they look toward the future as well as the past.

Socialism is about valuing your country and its people for what they have done in the past, whether or not it was under capitalism or another system of oppression like monarchy or feudalism. It means preserving historic buildings from all eras so that future generations can learn from them too; it means honoring cultural heritage by supporting local artists, writers and musicians; and it means celebrating your country’s achievements at national festivals like Independence Day (in America) or Bastille Day (in France).

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So, what’s the takeaway? Socialism is good because it represents humanity. It represents a society where everyone is valued and cared for. It represents a society where individual needs are secondary to what’s best for the community as a whole. This is also why socialism is bad: it means that we all have to give up some of our individual needs in order to make sure other people get their basic needs met. But that’s what we need for humanity. A world where no one has enough food or medicine, but everyone does their part so that those who can’t provide for themselves are taken care of, would be worth it.

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