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Why Socialism? – WikipediaWhy Socialism? is an article by Albert Einstein published in the first issue of Monthly Review magazine in May 1949. It is a call to action for socialism based on …


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The solution to inequality is not to blame the poor for their own situation. It is instead a matter of empowering individuals and communities, through education and economic opportunity.

  • David Bornstein, author of “The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank”

Why Socialism? – Monthly Review, Sep-Oct 1949 :: A Paper For The People

Why Socialism?

By Albert Einstein

Monthly Review, September-October 1949

I have been asked to write a brief article on the subject of socialism, and the two questions which were raised at the beginning of my talk are those that most concern us. The first question is: What is socialism? The second follows logically from it: Why should we want to establish socialism in America?

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‘Why Socialism?’ by Albert Einstein | Mises Institute

This essay was written in 1949 and published in Monthly Review in May 1950. The question Einstein’s essay responds to is “What is socialism and what does it mean to you?” He states that:

  • Socialism “seems to me a system which — if humanity had not remained impervious to the ideals of its founders — would have been realized long ago.”
  • Socialism “is directed toward a social order in which all human beings will have an equal share in their basic rights, and be equally entitled to share equally all benefits arising from the common labor and its results.”

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In 1949, Einstein wrote an essay entitled “Why Socialism?” for the Monthly Review. The text was later republished in the Marxist journal Monthly Review, which was founded by Paul Sweezy and Leo Huberman in 1949.

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The essay was published in the Sep-Oct 1949 issue of the Monthly Review.

From the Archives: Einstein’s ‘Why Socialism?’ | News & Views …

Einstein’s ‘Why Socialism?’ was a short essay published in 1949 in the New York Times Magazine. It was written as an answer to a letter Einstein had received from a young man who asked him to define the difference between socialism and communism, which he found confusing.

In his response, Einstein said that while both have similar goals—to improve society through redistribution of wealth—they differ on how they achieve them: “Communism is based on the principle that man is so made that he can do without incentives while socialism maintains that it is only by providing suitable incentives (in welfare, etc.) that we can make people want to do what society wants them to do.”

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Socialism is a legitimate political and economic doctrine.

it is not a philosophy of life, nor does it offer any mysticism.

Socialism is not an “ism”–but rather, an approach to social problems based on the harmonious interaction of all human beings.


This article is for anyone who has ever wondered about the proper relationship between government and its citizens. It will answer questions such as “why do socialists want to take over society by force?”, “what is the purpose of socialism in today’s world?”, and “how can we make sure that all people are treated equally in a capitalist economy?”

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