Why Communism Is Good Essay


Communism is a system that promotes equality for all. In communism, everyone is equal and no one has more or less power than another person. This means that everyone has the same work hours and no one gets paid more than someone else just because they got lucky in life or were born into a rich family. Communism also promotes unity, so people are encouraged to work together and not be selfish because if you do something nice for one person then it will benefit everyone by making them happy. The whole community benefits from this kind of thinking because it makes everyone feel like part of something bigger than themselves; it makes them feel like they are part of something important instead of just being insignificant pieces floating around in space without purpose or direction.

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Communism encourages people to help each other out when they need help rather than looking out only for themselves (like capitalism does). For example: If someone needs food then their neighbors would give him/her some food so he/she doesn’t starve but if he/she needs money then there isn’t much anyone could do except maybe get him/her some jobs around town until he/she earns enough money to buy what he/she needs himself/herself again


Communism is a good system because it seeks to eliminate biases, which are frequently the result of racism and sexism. We live in a society where people are judged based on things like their skin color or gender. It’s not right for someone to be discriminated against because of these things, so communism promotes equality among all people.

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In addition to seeking equality, communism seeks justice for those who have been wronged by capitalism. Capitalism has had its fair share of injustices, especially when considering slavery in America and Europe. Communism encourages us to take responsibility for our actions and make amends with those we have hurt throughout history, such as Native Americans and African Americans who were wrongfully enslaved during the time period commonly known as The Transatlantic Slave Trade



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