Why Communism Is Better Than Capitalism

Communism is a better system than capitalism for dozens of reasons. Here are three:

the means of production are owned by everyone

In communism, the means of production are owned by everyone. The workers own the means of production, and they all make decisions together as a group. In capitalism, the means of production are owned by the government or an individual person or company (usually a corporation). The workers themselves do not own their place of employment and have no say in how it’s run.

In communism, everyone is equal. No one has more power than another because everyone is equal in terms of wealth and resources; we all make decisions together as a group! In capitalism rich people are allowed to become richer while poor people remain poor; there is no equality among humans here!

food and shelter are free

Communism is a system of economics and politics in which the means of production are owned by the community as a whole. Under true communism, there is no private property; everything is owned by everyone.

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Communism is more fair than capitalism because it doesn’t allow for people to get wealthy simply by owning land or businesses. In capitalist systems, poor people can’t afford food or shelter, but in communist ones everyone gets these things for free.

everyone is treated equally

>Everyone is given the same rights, freedoms and opportunities

In a capitalist society, the rich are able to get ahead of everyone else. They can afford the best education, healthcare and legal help. They can work less hours because they don’t need to rely on their salary for survival – they already have enough money saved up. This means that someone who has been born into poverty will never be able to earn as much as someone who was born into wealth whose parents were able to save up a lot of money for them when they were young (and most people’s parents are at least middle class).

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In communism there is no gap between classes: everyone gets treated equally regardless of where they came from or what kind of life you have lived before entering communism. Everyone is given an equal opportunity at success because no one has more opportunities than anyone else; we all start out with clean slates in this regard!

Communism is better than capitalism.

While capitalism is all about the individual, communism’s focus is on the collective. It puts society ahead of the individual and aims to create an equal system that benefits everyone equally, rather than allowing for a few people to become millionaires while others struggle to survive. In a communist society, everyone is guaranteed access to food and shelter, as well as access to the means of production—the tools needed for work—such as farms or factories.


In conclusion, I believe that the reasons for why communism is better than capitalism are clear and compelling. As we’ve seen in this article, communism means a society where people share their wealth and work together without being exploited by those who own capital. Communism also promotes equality because everyone gets what they need.

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In a professional tone: Capitalism means competition where only some people win while others lose out on opportunities due to lack of money or other resources. This causes inequality which leads to unfairness between classes because those who have more money get access while those who don’t may not be able to get anything at all. Capitalists argue that this system allows everyone to pursue their own happiness regardless of whether others suffer but there are no limits imposed on how much one person can accumulate over another so there’s no way for anyone else ever to reach that level of prosperity unless they already had enough wealth beforehand which makes it impossible for them too.”

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