Why Communism Always Fail

Communism is an ambitious idea that has never worked in practice, despite a few early successes. Often, it’s the experimenters-and not the concept itself-that have failed.

There are many reasons why communism always fails. The most important and most cited reasons are:

It could not provide people’s basic needs (food and shelter) because it relies heavily on nationalism; it creates a culture of entitlement; it creates lack of motivation and productivity, which is one of the essential qualities to create wealth; the concept at its core is flawed.

Communism may be idealistic but when we look at how humans behave in general, we can see that people have selfish tendencies which drive them to work hard for something they value for their own benefit. Since capitalism takes advantage of human nature and allows us to do what comes naturally by creating incentives for hard work and innovation, Communism will always fail as long as there are humans involved.

Because it could not provide people’s basic needs

Communism is not a realistic alternative to capitalism because it could not provide people’s basic needs. People need food, shelter and clothing. They cannot live without these things. The only way that communism can be successful is if everyone contributes equally, but how do you make sure everyone contributes equally? It’s impossible to force people to work together in harmony when they’re competing against each other for money or power.

because it creates a lack of motivation and productivity

While the idea of communism is noble and utopian, it doesn’t take into account human nature. The fact is that people are always motivated to do more when they are rewarded for their efforts.

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For example, a baker who earns money by selling his bread will put in more effort than one who receives his bread for free. This is because he has an incentive to work harder—he wants money so he can get whatever he wants from life, whether it be a new car or vacation time with his family. But if everyone gets their bread for free and there’s no incentive for anyone to sell it at all? Everyone just sits around waiting for someone else to make them some bread—and nothing gets done!

because it creates a culture of entitlement

Communism creates the culture of entitlement. People feel they should get something for nothing, which is a dangerous and unsustainable way to live.

A big part of this problem is that you have to have an all-powerful government in order for communism to work at all. The state has control over every aspect of your life, including food production and distribution. This may sound nice at first glance—no one likes thinking about how their food gets from farm to table—but it means there’s no accountability on the part of any individual or business involved in getting that food from point A to point B: If something goes wrong with your meal (and remember, this was before refrigeration), who do you blame? If no one can be held accountable for their actions, then what stops them from cutting corners and taking shortcuts? And if individual businesses are forced by law not just into competition with each other but also into cooperation with each other (such as sharing resources), how does a company differentiate itself from its competitors? In order for communism to work properly

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because it relies heavily on nationalism

Communism is a global ideology. It is not a national ideology, nor does it rely on national identity. The best example of this is the Soviet Union, whose territories were divided into 15 republics. Even though Russia was the largest and most powerful nation in it, communism wasn’t about Russian nationalism; it was about internationalism for all nations that belonged to the U.S.S.R., no matter what their ethnicity or language was (or even religion).

Communism fails because of nationalism—the idea that people have more loyalty to their own country than they do to humanity as a whole—because this forces people who belong to different nations into conflict with one another over resources like oil or land space for farming or other commodities needed by all countries (like food). This can lead eventually lead to war between nations, even if at first they’re only fighting over resources

because the concept at its core is flawed.

Communism is based on a flawed premise. It assumes that human nature is perfect and that everyone is equal, which is not true. It also assumes that people can be trusted; this is not true either. People do not always work hard for the common good.

Because humans are selfish by nature.

You might think that people are inherently good, but you’d be wrong.

Humans are selfish by nature. The only reason we don’t steal, rape and murder one another is because of social norms and laws. When humans have no restraint on their behavior, they will act with complete greed and disregard for others’ well-being.

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It’s true that many people support communist policies in theory—until those policies become real and they’re forced to live under them. Then they discover that communism doesn’t work because it requires people to work for the common good against their own self interest…which is nearly impossible!

People want to feel they are valuable, and are willing to toil and sweat for something they value.

People want to feel they are valuable. They want to feel that they are contributing, and that their contribution is appreciated. They want to feel respected, needed, and rewarded for the work that they do. They also want to feel safe in their environment and have some sense of control over what happens around them.

When people have these feelings of worthlessness or powerlessness, it will be difficult for them to continue working toward a common goal with the same sense of enthusiasm as before because they don’t feel like they’re making any progress towards achieving anything worthwhile.

In order for communism to succeed, all members of society must be happy with their station in life and where their efforts are going


These are just a few of the reasons why communism fails. There are many more, but this should give you an idea as to why it never works. What’s important for us now is to learn from our mistakes in order for us not to repeat them again. This is why I think it’s important that we teach children about communism, so they will never make the same mistakes as their ancestors did.

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