Why Capitalism Is Better Than Communism

The debate between capitalism and communism is one that has been going on for hundreds of years. Although communism has fallen out of favor in recent years, it still holds a certain allure for people who want to see an end to all the greed and corruption they associate with market economies. But we’re here to tell you that capitalism is overall better than communism because it results in wealth being created more efficiently, people are more motivated by self-interest, and people are more innovative as a result of being able to chase opportunities around the world. Here’s why:

it works

It works.

That’s the crux of it. If you have a problem, you can go to a capitalist country and they will help you solve it. For example, if you go to Mexico or Cuba and need something done, they can’t help because they’re communist countries that don’t allow private businesses. In fact, some people are so desperate for a solution that they risk their lives trying to immigrate into these nations where there are no solutions available to them! That is why I know capitalism is better than communism: because it actually works!

people are motivated by self-interest

In a capitalist society, people are motivated by self-interest. This idea is not new or revolutionary, nor does it have to be a bad thing. Self-interest motivates everyone: the rich and poor alike. We all work hard at our jobs because we want to make money and buy things with it—even if most of us don’t get rich or make enough to live on just from our jobs alone.

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In communism, people are also motivated by self-interest because they are able to enjoy more of what they produce (i.e., profit) than in capitalism without contributing as much work toward that production as someone who works harder would in capitalism does their job for less pay due to their laziness (or lack of skill). In fact, this motivation can actually cause greater economic inequality between those who do contribute more versus those who contribute less which should not happen if everyone was equal according to Marx’s theory about class struggle leading up toward revolution where equality would finally be achieved once all classes were abolished through violent means!

people are more innovative

You might think that people would be more innovative, motivated and creative if they were working for the good of their country or community. But it turns out that when people are allowed to keep the profits they make, they’re much more likely to work hard. This is because they’re motivated by self-interest, which drives them to innovate and create new products that benefit everyone.

It’s also worth noting that in a capitalist system people are free to pursue their own interests—this means that scientists can focus on research areas where they see potential for profit (like genetics), while artists can devote themselves entirely to the type of art form they most enjoy (like painting).

communism have been shown to be failures

The first thing to understand about communism is that it has never been implemented properly. Communism is a utopian idea. It’s something that sounds good, but can never work in practice because we’re human and not perfect. People are greedy, selfish, and lazy; there will always be those who want more for themselves than what they give others—and there will always be some people who are willing to take advantage of this fact by taking from others instead of working for the betterment of society as a whole (or even just their own lives). This leads us back to capitalism: it’s the only system that incentivizes people to work hard if they want something better than what they have right now; it allows them opportunities for success if they try hard enough; it gives them freedom through choice over how much value they give up in exchange for protection from having every single thing taken away from them (which would happen under communism).

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a lot of weird stuff people do for hobbies in non-communist countries would be impossible in a communist country

Imagine you were born and raised in a communist society. You’ve never experienced anything other than the communist lifestyle, so it’s all you know. You’ve never been able to try new things or pursue your interests because they wouldn’t fit into the communal mold of your society; everyone has to be exactly the same as each other, right?

What if I told you that there are people out there who are doing things like going skydiving or learning how to make art? What if I told you that those people can make money by doing these things? And what if I told you that they even get paid more than their neighbors when they do them really well? Wouldn’t it blow your mind? But wait! They also have time for hobbies such as hiking and collecting stamps (and yes, those are real hobbies). In short: some of these people don’t even work! Some of them just work on being good at something fun instead of working for food rations. Crazy stuff!

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Now imagine living in a country where every aspect of life is dictated by a small group of politicians who decide what jobs need done based on what will benefit society most efficiently—and then force everyone else into those jobs regardless of whether or not those jobs suit their skill sets or interest level. If this doesn’t sound like paradise yet then let me tell about some other great benefits: no one gets sick because anyone who does gets thrown out onto the street without any money or support system whatsoever.“


Having looked at all the arguments against capitalism and found them lacking, I think we can say that the world is better off with it than not. If you’re still unconvinced, consider this: what would happen if all those communists finally got their way? Would they be happy and satisfied? Or would they be looking for something new to complain about?

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