Why Capitalism Doesn’t Work

Capitalism has been the default system for most of the world since the late 19th century. It is based on a simple idea: If people are allowed to compete and make profits, they will also compete in terms of better and more efficient products, which will benefit society as a whole. For example, if one farmer is allowed to sell his milk for less than another farmer, he will gain all the customers from his competitor because he offers cheaper milk. This means that he needs to produce more milk to satisfy all those customers, so he buys a bigger herd of cows and hires employees to milk them for him. This makes him much more efficient at milking cows than his competitor, who still does everything by himself; this means that eventually the first farmer can provide even cheaper milk. In essence, capitalism’s main benefit is efficiency (and thus lower prices). However, there are many issues with this economic system that make it ultimately not worth it in terms of societal well-being:

it encourages people to lie

Lying is a part of capitalism, because it incentivizes people to lie.

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People will lie for money. People will lie for more money. People will lie for their business. They’ll do it for their country, or company and family as well! In fact, if you’re not lying right now—you might be the only person who isn’t doing it at this very moment!

it is hard to compete with all the corruption

Of course, capitalism isn’t the only economic model that has problems. Communism, socialism and other anti-capitalist systems have their own issues. But in the context of this article, I am focusing on the problems with capitalism because these are the ones that seem most relevant to us now and in the near future.

Corruption is a problem in every country; there’s no doubt about that. It’s also a problem within businesses and governments—and every industry as well as city, state or country for that matter. The question is how do we deal with it? How can we minimize its impact on people’s lives?

it makes people greedy

You are a capitalist. You want to get as much money and power out of life as possible. You don’t care about anyone else, only yourself. Capitalism is a system that encourages this mindset by rewarding greed and selfishness, so even if you try to fight against it, you’ll end up succumbing to the pressure.

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According to some people (like me), this sort of attitude is bad for society because it leads us down dark paths like genocide and climate change denialism.

it makes everyone want more for their business and not for their community

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might have to fight off a lot of people who want your money. They’ll do anything—including lying—to get it. That’s capitalism for ya. It doesn’t help that most corporations are run by people who don’t care about anyone but themselves and their own families. They’ll tell you anything to make more money for themselves, even if that means destroying your community or hurting other people along the way. This can be pretty stressful, especially when someone is trying to take advantage of you in order to make a buck (or ten million).

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So don’t worry: no matter what happens with capitalism tomorrow, at least we won’t be around anymore when climate change kicks into high gear later this century!

capitalism only cares about money and not about what the world needs

Capitalism is a system that cares about money, not people. It is a system for business owners and business people to make as much profit as possible, at the expense of workers, the environment and all living things.

Capitalism is not for you: it doesn’t care if you are healthy or sick; happy or sad; wealthy or poor; educated or uneducated; male or female… Capitalism only cares about one thing: making money for the owners of businesses.


capitalism is a system that doesn’t work. It makes people greedy, encourages them to lie, and makes them want more for their business than what the world needs. It’s also hard to compete with all the corruption in capitalism

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