How Socialism Destroyed India

I was born in India and moved to the United States when I was 6. My family lived in a modest one-bedroom apartment in Mumbai, with my mom working as a personal assistant, my dad as an engineer, and me attending private school. Growing up, I always loved visiting India because it felt like home. The food tasted better, the people were friendlier, and the culture is extraordinary. When I recently visited again after more than a decade—this time out of curiosity—I realized that everything had changed. It wasn’t just my own perception of India that had changed; India itself had actually become a dystopian nightmare.

To understand what happened to India over the last 10 years, you first have to understand how socialism destroyed its economy in the 70s and 80s after winning independence from Great Britain. Here’s what happened:

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how socialism destroyed india

Socialism is bad for the economy.

Socialism is bad for the environment.

Socialism is bad for the poor.

Socialism is bad for the rich.

Socialism is bad for the middle class.

Socialism is bad for business and entrepreneurs, which leads to economic stagnation in society as a whole, because there’s no incentive to make more money or create more jobs when everything you do can be taken away from you by your government at any time without compensation (i.e., taxes). This ultimately leads to lower standards of living across all socioeconomic strata–even though only some people may feel it directly at first (like businesses), eventually everyone will feel it once they realize their purchasing power has gone down significantly due largely in part due strict government regulations on everything from wages & prices being set too high so nobody can afford anything anymore except maybe basic necessities like food & shelter; not even entertainment items such as music CDs/movies are allowed anymore because they’re considered “luxuries” under socialism so anyone who tries selling them could face prosecution under federal law–and even then those items don’t last long once bought anyway since nobody wants anything anymore except maybe food/shelter due lack opportunity cost incurred from not having enough money left after paying taxes!

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